Ollie Gordon Is ‘In the Game,’ Opts In for EA Sports College Football 25

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Ollie is in the game.

$600 plus a copy of the game? WTF? Is there some NIL rule that says that everyone has to be paid the same because this sounds kind of low for a Doak Walker winner.


Agreed. I mean EA will sell millions of the games at how much each. How many players are NIL are in the game?

Actually, yeah, there is. Can’t remember if it was here or another site, but it was explained. Any player who opts in gets the same deal, regardless of importance.

Every athlete gets the same compensation. $600, free game, and you’re in the game is a good deal for 99% of players. And if you’re a guy like Ollie you take it because how many chances do you get to be in a game?

I think I read over 10,000 athletes will have the opportunity to opt in.

Ok, that is more than I thought. I have not played the game. So 10,000 x 600 = 6,000,000 dollars. Ok for an average player, but the possibility of being the highest rated player is something Ollie can’t pass up I guess. You’re in the game.

Yea I thought it would turn out to be something like that. So if the player number is really 10,000 @ 600 each that’s 6 mil. That’s quite the bargain for EA. That’s Sh%t negotiation for the players me thinks. Quick search on google tells me that the 1998 game generated more than $1.3 billion in sales just within the United States. Pretty sure that the new game will generate much more than that.

I’m firing Kasey Dunn as OC. If Gundy won’t do it, I will. :joy: