Originally Hesitant on Move to Cowboy Back, Jake Schultz Making Impact in 2022

Originally published at: Originally Hesitant on Move to Cowboy Back, Jake Schultz Making Impact in 2022 | Pistols Firing

‘I was not on board with it right away.’

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And now comes the bigger problem. The oSu Cowboy Back is underutilized as a receiver. They mostly use them for blocking. I think they missed a big opportunity when they had Jelani. That big dude had some serious wheels. Before you all jump on me about him dropping passes… The Jugs machine is available.


Oh schultz will be a good one. He is more athletic then Cassidy and big then green. Before the game they said he was out but came in and caught the ball. Not sure what that was about maybe he was just a lil sick.

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Jake Schultz is the consummate name of a TE he will do well


Making an impact they say lol. One catch for 13 yards in two games. Every year we think they will use the tight end in the passing game more because why? They have not used a tight end in the passing game in years so we always think that surely they will start throwing more this year to them than previous years. Just funny that they would write a story about the impact of a tight end here. Never gets old.

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Just block dude.

It would help if you werent half ess backwards.

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Prague, OK. I lived there for many years.

Apparently he caught enough passes at Virginia to be a 3rd round pick. You shouldn’t worry about anyone jumping on you if you’ve been proven right.


It would help if you were right in this situation. Like many others though, you aren’t.

Jeff said 90% of players hate gundy. You said we lose to many to portal but we have so many that have come back. Answer many why you guys think players hate gundy but there still here. Dnt talk to me until you answer this mystery you have made.

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It’s because they care about their teammates more than they do about a guy who only remembers them by numbers instead of name.

The guru has spoken, but he has to be chitting us to think we believe this :crazy_face:

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Don’t believe me? Go look at his older press conferences then.

So woods doesnt like his team mates. You going back to press talks. I know malcolm said alot about coming back about martin. That mite sound good. But, what else was malcolm going to do. Go back to northeastern ok.

Mason Washington hubbard were coming back for their team mates.

Your telling me that in an age of transfer portal going early to nfl. That the band of bothers is so strong players wouldn’t even blot with gundy is a hated coach.

Keep going joy. I would love to meet you. Just to see if you can keep a straight face when you say this crap. I dnt know if your that delusional or stupid. Even after the whole site point out your errant thoughts you just keep going.

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Joy if I worked at a job and had good friends but my boss was an aszhole, I wouldn’t stay longer than the next paycheck. So you believe the press conferences now ? You said it’s all fiber , no substance to them … your dad jug needs to quit telling lies to you

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Gundy used to refer to his players by numbers. It’s on his older press conference videos. Just go look at it. Maybe that’s one reason we suck at recruiting. If you commit here to Oklahoma State we’ll make sure to know you by your number instead of your name over the next four years. He has gotten a lot better at not doing that though. So I’ll give credit where credit is due.

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I’m sure Woods loved his teammates, but they also understood why he left. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the only person that’s going to provide a stable future for you is yourself. This was Woods last chance. Not everyone gets to live with mommy and daddy the rest of their life Roberto. Not everyone inherits a farm and spends all day on a tractor because mommy and daddy gave it to them.

Most likely Woods (and the rest of the team) knew Gundy didn’t have any plans throwing the ball to him (despite him being the biggest receiving target on the field). Im sure Woods stuck it out as long he could. Looks like Woods made the right call because now he’s in the NFL :man_shrugging:.

Washington and Rudolph did stay, and they were also trying to improve their draft stock as well. They also wanted a Big 12 championship. They were in no danger of not making to to the NFL to create a future for themselves. Woods was placed in a totally different category than those two.

Hubbard stuck it out another season despite the Gundy and OAN debacle. He could’ve transferred, or went ahead and started working towards the draft. He was in no danger of not being drafted into the NFL. Woods situation was also very different from Hubbard’s as well.

You keep trying to say Woods would’ve had a good year if he stayed. You keep saying he was on a draft board while at OSU. The fact of the matter is he most likely would’ve ended up an UDFA (because Gundy doesn’t throw to the CW) and he was never on any kind of draft board before going to Virginia.

Would you at least attempt to use your brain for once, and not try to lie and make things up?

You write so much to not say anything. I dnt think anybodys draft stock went up. You definitely didnt explain why 90% of players hate gundy are stay in such high numbers.

Lets be serious. Mason was not going to be a top rounder. Washington is not 6’4". Even woods your overly give his whopping 400 yards way to much cerdit. Since we had no te available that could cath for 90% of the season his numbers would have gone up( any moron can see that. Before the combine he was the 10th best te. I dnt see 300 yards on a top 10 team would have changed that. His size and combine numbers jump him up to 2nd. We will see if he makes it to a big second contract like a certian fa did. Then you can tell us he is a good te. If not it was rite he cant block or catch and a gm went crazy on combine numbers.

All of this has nothing to do with the idiotic statement that players hate gundy.

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I didn’t say that most players hate Gundy. I said I’m sure there are some that don’t like him. One of his offensive lineman complained about the play calling in 2013.

They were on a mock draft board their junior years. Woods wasn’t.

I’m giving “cerdit” to his 598 yards (Which was more than all his years at OSU combined). He was misused. Get over it!!

And after the combine he proved his worth and got into the top 5.

He was a good TE before. Gundy just doesn’t believe in Tight Ends being another receiving threat any longer.

Malcom Rodriguez did well at the combine and now he’s starting. You just hate Jelani Woods and anyone that doesn’t agree with Gundy on everything.