OSU a Double-Digit Bedlam Underdog in Early Betting Lines

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OU will be a double-digit favorite in Stilly.

Grass is green.

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OSU has kept it in single digits 6 of the last 16 years during Gundy’s tenure with an average loss of 14 to 17 depending how you figure it. So I would think they are being quite generous at 10.5. OU averages 41 points in Bedlam while OSU averages 28. So very generous.

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It seems like the later date favors the Sooners and their depth. K-State and I-State have had early season success. We have had a few MIA the last couple of years.

2-14 gets you this level of disrespect.


“Although being an underdog isn’t a surprise, being a double-digit dog is.”

Not really. The history tells us everything we need to know. Gundy’s average points per loss in Bedlam is 17 points and he’s 1-3 as a favorite. Don’t know the exact numbers on the spread off the top of my head, but I’m willing to bet more often than not he hasn’t even covered that. Most people on here have realized it’s going to have to be the players that win Bedlam because the HC has shown he’s incapable of out coaching anyone on the OU staff.

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I wonder when the law of averages kicks in?