OSU a 'Late-Charging Darkhorse' in Recruitment of RB Kevontre Bradford

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-a-late-charging-darkhorse-in-recruitment-of-rb-kevontre-bradford/

OSU is making a late run at a four-star RB from Texas.

This will be a good test case to see if the dynamic trio for next season is enough bait to land any big fish for the football team.
On the other hand, the baseball team with two Hall of Famers on the coaching staff should have no problem hauling them in from now on. It’s now or never for the football team to shine.

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What the hell happened to Glass? Is he just not good?

I don’t think it means he’s not good. They have zero RBs in 2020s class. Chuba will definitely leave next year so they need to restock the RB rotation. May as well get 4 stars if you can.

He’s still on the roster, he redshirted this year. I think #BodyByGlass will help him get to the weight he needs to use his power most effectively.
We will always attempt to take an RB in each class

I think he came in overweight and out of shape to play college ball. I’m sure he got a wake up call being in the program and seeing the speed of games in college . Looking forward to seeing him next year .