OSU All-American Eugenio Chacarra Reportedly Turning Pro, Joining LIV Golf

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Chacarra is the first active college golfer to join LIV Golf.

Thats disappointing.
I do wish people wouldnt say anything. The just look small, whe they do the opposite.
It was what 2 months ago he said he was coming back for his last year. I have nothing against that he is going it just just look good.

What is one’s word worth? I can understand circumstances change, but it seems it would be better not to make these commitment videos going forward, and that goes for all sports.

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There is a bigger picture here. Just one more example of how money is ruining college sports.
I am always turned off when any pro athlete says his decision is based on the future welfare of his family. Bull…, these decisions are based on greed. That is the only reason some PGA players are joining LiV. Dirty money.

We don’t even know when he was offered the contract, so we don’t know if he went back on his word. He said he wasn’t joining the PGA and he was coming back to OSU. I’m sure all the people on here would turn down a seven figure contract to do what they love to do because they don’t want to go back on the word to come back to college. I’m happy for the kid. The same people that get upset with this kid, will rave about cade Cunningham.

I have no problem with him going pro. It was the simple deal he made a big deal about staying. I think most people feel the same.

He said he was coming back to OSU to play golf. Doing anything different is not keeping his word. Spot on about Cade. He said he was committed to OSU. The circumstances changed for the worse and he stuck to his word. Seemed to workout okay for him. To each their own.

First Talor Gooch. Then Eugenio. Now Wolff. Rumors are Hovland is LIV-bound.

I hate the direction our Poke golfers are choosing.

Its money. Hey get it while you can.