OSU Announces Partnership with The Brandr Group, Opening Door for Player Jersey Sales

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-announces-partnership-with-the-brandr-group-opening-door-for-player-jersey-sales/

Officially licensed player jerseys will likely soon be available.

While we mess around with $120 jersey sales and autograph signings at Coney Island, the big dogs of college football are already seeing QBs sign seven figure endorsement deals. I can assure you, the true big dogs of the sport (think Michigan, Texas, USC, Alabama, Notre Dame) are quietly piecing together alumni networks to connect players to big-time money. What is to stop the CEO of a coastal energy company from paying Alabama’s left tackle $500,000 to sign a few autographs and appear in company promotional pamphlets?

Even scarier? What is stopping those teams from taking a peek at the OSU offensive line, selecting the best player, and offering to triple his “salary” via the transfer portal? Conference realignment, NIL, and the transfer portal are about to converge in a nightmare scenario. I hope y’all can learn to enjoy wrestling, baseball, and golf because there are some very dark days ahead for our football program.


Would be nice if they added a NIL cap per team like professional sports in the US do. Once the cap is hit you accept it or you go back to under the table McDonalds bags and risk getting caught like you were doing already. Granted getting caught doesn’t mean a whole lot but still I think it would help the non blue bloods.

I thought about this too. However, (and I could be wrong?) I do not think pro sports have a cap on NIL. I do not think there is any limit to what pro athletes can earn on endorsement deals. Sure, there are salary caps, but we are not talking about salaries here. We are talking about endorsements deals.

What we need right now is a partnership with an organization that knows how to develop offenses that work and are successful with the current players we have.

I would doubt there’s a cap for professional athletes. NIL cap might not be a solution but there should be something to balance out the teams. If people want to push a professional league like system then they need to push for a professional league cap to limit the amount of lob-sided teams IMO.

I know some of this guys are get big deals. How far down does it go. I mean if it’s guys we are not getting any way then it won’t matter. Like that kid from Texas going to tosu getting a big time nil. He was never coming this osu.
Now if Jug would set up a nil instead of getting a king ranch, he could help getting better players like he wants.

I’d be happy with personalized jerseys again. I’ve had two made at Chris’ over the years that have my name and my graduation year. Since we went to Nike I haven’t been able to do it.

Yes, it will matter. Our only hope before was getting lucky with guys like Weeden or Blackmon who flew under the radar in high school and then developed into stars at OSU. Now, the big boys can sit back and wait for guys like that to emerge and then steal them with big-time NIL money through the transfer portal.

I would disagree. That would be a violation.
Since we dnt have an entity to govern that u have a point.
When they do getting around to govern this it will be fixed.
If Auburn could do that to us then couldn’t they do it to Alabama. Money talks no matter who u are. I’m look at Texas they are scraping their football for a bigger pay check.

I think you are right that it would be a technical violation. You are also right that the NCAA is completely incapable of policing that or any other violation of the rules. However, even strong enforcement bodies would have a hard time proving the kind of violation I am talking about.

Think about it, let’s say Tay Martin enters the transfer portal this coming summer, signs with Notre Dame, and subsequently collects $500,000 NIL check from some rich Notre Dame alum. That, in itself, would be perfectly legal. Short of someone wearing a wire, how the heck would you prove that there was a handshake agreement between the player and the alum that was contingent on transferring to Notre Dame?

I am with but they do come to lite.
And my point being about Auburn would be a bigger deal. If u could get a great player and from ur rival.