OSU Announces Signing of Texas Tech Transfer Tyreek Smith

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OSU adds a former four-star big with instant-impact potential.

He had an instant impact at TTech, averaging a cool 2 pts in 11 minutes of play. The new OU coach is putting together a new roster with quality guys. Arkansas is bringing in several key transfers thru the portal and Texas Landed several quality guys. Hell, TCU picked up Tech Transfer Micah Peavy who was a top 50 kid in 2020. Why is Boynton struggling to recruit? Is it because of impending NCAA decision?

Boynton is an unproven coach and recruiter recruiting against guys with a better resume. Outside of adding the number one player in the country to his team by adding his brother to the coaching staff, OSU has been at the bottom of the big 12 and hasn’t finished higher than 5th in conference in 4 years under him. The Arkansas coach turned Nevada into a good team that went to 3 straight ncaa tournaments. OU’s coach took Chicago to a final 4. Texas coach to TT to the championship game. And Jamie Dixon has always been a solid recruiter just not the greatest coach.

Wow, this really does not sound like a great catch at all. Hopefully Smith played very limited minutes due to the starter at his position being so great and therefore Smith was used just to give the starter a rest during games. Otherwise, this looks like a waste.
So where is our legit big man for playing center? Avery really needs to come back. With all the talent out there in the portal this is the best we can entice? Yikes!

That’s why I said I wasn’t in favor of Coach Boynton getting a new contract. Let him prove himself by taking next years team to the tourney.

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