OSU Athletic Director Chad Weiberg Welcomes Four-Corner Schools to Big 12, Praises Conference Leadership

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Weiberg discussed challenges and opportunities that come with expanding to 16 teams.

Hey Chad, bringing in the first 4 is the only good thing Bowlsby did as commissioner. And he only got the job done because he was desperate to keep the league intact. Yormark has done more in less than a year than Bowlsby could in a lifetime. I hate having to give Bowlsby credit (cause he was bad overall) but I do have to give him credit for getting us off of life support. Everything else has been BY.


Agreed. Outside of doing what Bowlsby did it was almost like he just didn’t care. Oh well, at least we know he’s better than George Kliavkoff.

Kliavkoff got what was coming to him.