OSU Baseball Adding Quality through Transfer Portal

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The Cowboys add a big righty and a home run-hitting first baseman.

Maybe make this out to be better then it is.

Who wants a reliever with era of over 7 to be a Cowboy???
And what can the competition be like for Northern Kentucky?
This is the best we can glean from the portal? This really surprises me, especially the pitcher. He has great size but terrible numbers. This is not the way to boost the program to the next level.

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I totally agree!l Especially with new state-off-the-art baseball facilities and stadium… and the staff Josh has put together with Matt and Robin and Rob…(although Rob has been great we might want to look for a new pitching coach). This was not OSU baseball this year…we struggled with pitching, especially our relievers and no true closer. Our situational baseball was the worst it has ever been for a long time. We can’t manufacture runs by playing small ball and not aggressive on the base paths and we strike our way to much!!! But getting back to the main point…with the staff and the facilities we should be bringing in top talent like our 3rd baseman this season not guys from the Junior College ranks and guy with over a 7 ERA…are you kidding me!!

The first baseman is a kid with big power. He won the HR derby at the college WS in 2019. If he can make the adjustment to the level of pitching he’ll face, he could be a nice pick up. As stated in the post above the Kentucky transfer pitcher struggled in 16 innings of work. If Rob can coach these kids to get ahead in counts then are pitching experience coming back is pretty good. I’ve said before if Josh can get 2 out of 3 studs he recruited as infielders make it to campus, Pokes could be good next season.

Thats the bad thing about baseball is ur not just recuriting against other school but the draft too.
Like in softball he got a hitter and pitcher. The thing is the hit was at ku so we know she can hit against big 12. The pitcher is a big time starter. Which should translate into a good pitch here. Of course if either were big time they would be drafted.

A lot of if’s…we need proven talent!