OSU Baseball Receives 2 Seed in Arizona Regional

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OSU’s road to Omaha goes through Tucson.

I didn’t realize Cowboys only have 2 starters hitting .300.
Yikes! Not good, especially with having to compete without our entire pitching roster due to injuries. Pitching looked really weak against TCU. We have 2 starters we can count on when fully healthy and one closer if he is healthy. That is quite a handicap to play with in a tournament. Similar situation that our football and wrestling teams faced this season. Leaves us thinking, what could have been if not for injuries. I don’t see us getting past the Wildcats.

I don’t see us getting past Arizona either. Injuries to pitching staff and inconsistency at the plate will be our doom. I’d love to see our boys make me eat crow, but nothing I’ve seen from this squad says “Omaha” to me.

That was guy hitting 300 with so many at bats.

I glanced at the bracket, its not that bad. At least the big 12 is spead out. We didn’t get Arkansas thats good.
The tcu u game would have seen Campbell again if it was a needed win.
I’m ready for Omaha.

This is not a team that is capable of advancing to the CWS. We need recruits who will be mesmerized by the new ballpark and will sign on the dotted line. I also think that Rob Walton tends to leave pitchers in too long when they are obviously struggling. We have a large number of pitchers on the roster, are they mostly not good enough to play yet? If that is the case, what does that say about our recruiting? It was embarrassing watching the pitching against TCU, not to mention the stolen bases. It reminded me of watching a Little League game.

It’s a tough Regional, but the Pokes can definitely win it. It wouldn’t surprise me if Grand Canyon upsets Arizona. Grand Canyon has beaten Arizona already this season. UC Santa Barbara is a nice club, and will be a tough test. One game at a time!

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There won’t be any Omaha this year, bud. Sorry! We aren’t good enough to get there.

I see ur positive about everthing even ur son. Just believe.

What does my awesome son have to do with whether or not this “good but not great” team wins the regional?! You’re grasping.

Nothing I was talking about how u talk positive about every thing( nothing)

I’m not grasping. We did just beat a high rank Texas team. That pool would be the same or better then going to Arizona.
What I saw, we can win the regional. Beat Arizona would mean we could win the super. Ergo world series baby!!!

I’m positive about men’s basketball and women’s softball. I’m positive about both golf teams. Equestrian is usually dominant. And I’m usually positive about baseball. I believe in Josh and the overall direction of the program, but I can see this team is good, but not great. The recruiting should pick up in the next few years, The program is Omaha. This team and season is not. Only point I was trying to make. I think sometimes you mistake my realistic posts for negativity. I call things as I see them. Nobody has to agree or disagree. But discussion is usually a good thing. Go Pokes! Have a great day!

As I pointed out we won our pool which had a top eight seed. It’s not then a far leap we could win at Arizona. We when at Arizona we can win the super with a lower seed.
Let them lose before u act like it’s a bad year.
We did make the final of the big12 championship the same as the basketball team.
We had alot of injuries. We r down a pitcher and two main players yes but let them lose first.
I do think Josh takes alot of chances in the season. It’s playoff time now.
The wrestling team did get 3rd. And I know a top 20 football team is disgusting. Both the tennis teams made it in. Sweet 16 for the soccer.
It’s been a great year for osu.

And yes go pokes