OSU Baseball Salvages Series against Sooners

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With some solid help from Kale Davis.

At least they avoided a complete embarrassment.

This did not salvage the series. Still an embarrassment.

We 2 and 2 so win can still win bedlam

Pokes are struggling and the injuries to pitching staff are mounting. Game 3 did give the team some hope with the pitching performances of Stone, Bowman and Davis. It looks like Stone is finally healthy and will be a big contributor moving forward. Cable and Phansalker shouldn’t see the mound again.
If Holiday is going to get this program back to a college WS contender he has to recruit much better. What I mean is finding guys that make contact that can set the table for your power guys. It’s tough to win consistently when your always hoping for a 3 run bomb. McCusker,Cabbiness, Morrill, Mathis, McLean all strike out at high rate. You can have 1 or 2 in the lineup but not all of them. Rob Walton has done a nice job of identifying really good arms to recruit, but as far as position players it’s been poor. We haven’t had an incoming freshman position player play a major role since Huey 3 seasons ago. Ryan cash had a nice freshman season and a poor sophomore season and transferred. Josh has some talented infielders coming in next season if they don’t sign.

We have always stuck out alot. Go look at last year #.
Were not hit good with 2 out and risp.
This pitching staff better get healthy for the tournament. May need to win it.