OSU Baseball Selected to Host NCAA Regional

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OSU is one of 16 programs to earn Regional Host duties this postseason.

Good deal !! The committee got it right, we had by far the toughest schedule of the top 4 conference teams. Don’t think we played but 4 lower class schools so glad we got one for O’Brate

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OU crushes UT, wins the Big 12 championship, doesn’t host a regional and Texas does??? How does that work???

I agree, OSU hosting a regional instead of OU seems unjust. Texas deserves a regional also.
I was not expecting OSU to host since their pitching really faded toward the end of the season. I doubt that they will retain their top 10 ranking this week. Let the regular season conference championship slip away, and then the conference tournament was lost. A good team, not a great team due to not enough quality pitchers, especially the bull pen.

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Go look at the Q1 wins we have vs FCS schools… we have the best rpi in the B12, everything is in our favor as far as hosting
I agree our pitching faded the last 3 weeks but our overall record got it for us

I’m glad we got a regional and I understand the reasons why we got it, but with the way we’re playing, I don’t think we really deserve it.