OSU Baseball Signee Jackson Holliday Picked No. 1 Overall in MLB Draft

Originally published at: OSU Baseball Signee Jackson Holliday Picked No. 1 Overall in MLB Draft | Pistols Firing

The son of Matt and the nephew of Josh goes No. 1 overall.

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Bummer he won’t play for OSU but congrats and good luck.

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Yea there is nothing to gain staying. To bad, it runs in the family lol.
See who else we lose.


There’s plenty to gain from playing college ball. An opportunity to be coached with his father and uncle at this level. How unique would that be? Also, the fun of college ball. Pro ball is a business and a grind. So spend a year having fun while fine tuning your game. The money from pro ball will be there waiting for him.
But in the event he plays for the Orioles, I will be able to watch him play some day since I live in Baltimore. The Orioles have been one of the worse teams in baseball lately, just one more reason for Jackson to go to college for at least one year. Let the O’s improve and then join their organization, or some other team that drafts him out of college. And in the meantime, maybe consider getting a haircut? Is Mike Gundy his Godfather or something?
Bad news for Cowboy fans holding onto hope that Jackson will be a Cowboy. I just heard him speak on a local Baltimore news broadcast. He said he is glad to be an Oriole. Goodbye Stillwater, hello Baltimore. Money wins out again.

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Osu can’t be that lucky. It’s not in our DNA

Can’t really turn down almost 9 million dollars. Plus he’d have to stick around for 3 years not just 1.