OSU Baseball's Regular-Season Finale Canceled

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Let postseason play commence.

Got a couple of pitcher back scoot and stantlee each pitch a inning… was Justin Campbell just getting time off?
So we will wait and see who we play.winner of the ou Baylor game gets 5th. Unless they call the game too. Then it’s Baylor.
Gets some pitchers back bats wrsmed up were ready.

I don’t expect much from this team in post season because of inconsistent results from the bullpen and a few starting pitchers just coming back from injuries. Also, the Cowboys seem to have their offense throttled whenever facing a really good starting pitcher. So as I said before, this is a really good Cowboy team but not one of their great teams. And the really good players will be drafted and gone. Counting on the shine of the new stadium to turn the heads of some really talented recruits.

Against tcu tech and Texas we lost 6 games by 9 runs.
Yes the other was by 4. I’m not sure what a throttling looks like. We lost one game to ou by as much as those 7. That was a beat down. But, no on those others.
Yes been inconsistent. The most glaring problem is hitting with runners on and 2 outs. We out hit most of them. Just how many times can u leave the base load.
Josh worse team came as a 8 seed and tore everyone up.
If Scott is ready with Campbell we must up enough other pitchers. Actually hit when we need to.

Yes, leaving so many runners stranded on base has really hurt this season. Hence, throttled by good pitching

I guess u just like to use that word. When we get plenty of hits and walks. I still think it’s timely hitting issue.
We would have over 15 base runners and 5 runs its more on us then great pitching.
One thing this team doesn’t do is hit for power, as past teams. We don’t strike our as much and alot more walks.
Just my opinion. But if throttled fits use it.

I’ve said it before this team is average just like there record in the big 12 suggests at 12-12. I do believe Josh has done a great job of getting the most out of this bunch.The inability too put the ball in play consistently, pitching injuries, up and down bullpen, and average defensive team. Encarcion may be the only position player drafted. Cabbiness and Thompson will get a chance as UDFA’s. Draft is only 20 rounds.

The girls play what 3 games. I know it’s different with regional.