OSU Basketball Sophomore Donovan Williams Enters Transfer Portal

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Williams started four games for the Cowboys this past season.

Good luck to the young man. He won’t be the last to hit the portal.

Not surprising.

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Dnt we have 2 guys already recruited. So we need two more to leave

Only 1 commit as of now.

I was actually thinking about this the other day. I honestly wish him the best. I hope he can find some serious minutes to play somewhere and can stay healthy.

Harris I’m sure will be gone too.
With as much the boone boys set on the bench they could.

Oh don’t say that! Gotta keep the local guys.

If they leave we’ll be able to find more replacements.

You start losing guys question gets asked

Williams was not going to see much playing time, so I think he made a wise decision. I would expect Chris Harris to do the same, another injured guy. Unless a few guys miraculously morph into legit shooters during the off season, I’m not sure how we could expect to be any better than this current season. There is still hope that the Boones will improve their play next season and become consistent instead of going hot and cold. They all need to shoot a ton of free throws in the off season, along with Bryce Thompson and Avery practicing a lot 3 pointers. Will be a better team if the Boones and Bryce Thompson come in next season at a higher level of play. If not, what we saw is what we will see again.

Yor Anei left OSU and we upgraded to Cisse. I think this roster will be fine.

Installing a point guard that can make some long distance shots and free throws would make a world of difference.

Totally agree. And Rondel has to show up more as well. He made some amazing defensive plays at times and was almost a non-factor for a lot of the year. He makes free throws, can hit an open 3, and creates turnovers. Every team needs a guy like that.

I would love to know how in the world he started 4 games this year…meaning, what in the world was Boynton thinking. I truly thought he was the worst player on this team. Boynton made a lot of head scratching decisions this season.

Yors sophomore year- 8.2 ppg 1.9 blocks per game. 4.7 rebounds

Cisse sophomore year- 7.2 ppg 1.9 blocks 6.5 rebounds.

Massive upgrade

You are a joke. You have to be.

Cisse has way more upside and will be better than Yor Anei. Think that’s what joe is saying here.

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Really thought he was going to be a scorer for this team. What’s up with Harris anyway? He hasn’t played basketball in like 2 or 3 years. Is he trying to be a coach?

Yor has been gone for 2 years. Is that how u up grade.
Cissy is not a natural anything.
Last year we didn’t lose the rebound battle all the time.
The other teams averaged over 10 on off. Boards
Yea we improved