OSU Cornerback JayVeon Cardwell Enters Transfer Portal, According to Report

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A second corner from OSU in a week has entered the transfer portal.

There must be some reason Gundy (and staff) can’t keep recruits.

Do you have any data on this being an out of the ordinary number of transfers?

Curious as to the total number of players from any given school that enter the portal. With a team of 100+ total, a certain % probably is “normal” attrition…wonder what that is though?

Greedy seems like a great name for a DB.


Never knew Rodarius Williams is Greedy’s brother. Not to show bias or anything but I doubt Rodarius will get drafted if he enters this season. Another year would do him a world of good.

Well, I don’t think losing Boomer should be a huge surprise, apart from him being out all season. He clearly saw we don’t really throw that much to Cowboy Backs. And here Gundy & Co offering three guys from Colorado…plus Mark Moore’s kid in juco. What if all four accept the offers???

You guys realize that teams all over the country have plenty of people entering the portal. It’s all been going on all the time before it existed, now we just know about it ahead of time. Typically these are about playing time and expectations more than anything.

The last count I saw nationwide entering the transfer portal was almost 400 NCAA football players.

Exactly. The last count I saw was almost 400.

There also could be off the field issues we don’t know about.

True, but my wife was looking up, through the 24/7 site, numbers in the portal, and so far OSU has 7. No one else if I recall had more than 5. Teams like ISU & KSU has 1 or two, maybe 3.

Bama had 2. OSU by far had the most in the Big XII. Yikes.

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As of this morning, the most in the Big12 are OSU (7), Texas (5), and ou (5). Seems like this last recruiting cycle maybe promises weren’t kept? The Portal is also brand new, starting just last year, so I bet some may test the waters since there’s an easier avenue to put your name out there. I’d love to know how many returned to their school after going to the Portal last year.

Those other schools were likely see more numbers, don’t cha worry.

How many did we have last year?

Wait, just looked it up. 14 total last year!! That’s a LOT.

2019 Portal:

ISU. 7
KU 6
OU 11
OSU 11
UT 11
TTU 14
WVU 10

14 total last year included 3 in and 11 out…