OSU Draws Miami in 2020 Cheez-It Bowl

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It’ll be the second-ever meeting between the two programs.

The Great Disappointment Bowl
I got the U winning by 10.

Cowboys vs. Crimnals?

The Jimmy Johnson Bowl

It’s great everyone is excited. We get a bowl of cheez-its.:upside_down_face::money_mouth_face::roll_eyes::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Miami will win this one. I got the U in a 28–20 win.

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Super excited for the kids go beat Miami

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The reason I never got excited about this year is it was a repeat of 2017. Sanders, Hubbard and Wallace coming back didn’t sound as good as Rudolph, Hill and Washington. I never thought they were as good. Now without Hubbard and possibly Wallace I’m less than impressed. The real question is, will next year be a repeat of 2018 when they finished 9th in the conference?

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