OSU Equipment Manager Allegedly Assaulted by OU Fans at Bedlam Suffers Broken Rib

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OU’s Police Department is investigating the incident.

Simply Despicable

OU needs to do something about this. What the heck was security doing? Watching?

OU fans trying to defend it by comparing OSU fans throwing SEAT CUSHIONS at Texas players. WOW

I was at the game, it was worse than you can even imagine. There was a 50 year old man, huge beard, screaming “HIT HIM HIT HIM HIT HIM” at the top of his lungs while this was going on.

I’m not sure what I expected from the same fans that cheered on Joe Mixon, but this was low. Even for them.

What is hard to understand is why OU fans would hate OSU since we are not even a threat to their team.

Never try to understand OU fans. Some are decent people that actually attended OU. The rest got their OU t-shirts from walmart, live in a trailer, and have nothing else to make themselves feel better about their life. OSU has fans like that too but just a fraction of what OU attracts. Same thing with Bama fans.

Use it as a recruiting tool. Do you really want to go to a school who has fan base that acts like this?

In our current crazy society equipment managers now need a police escort to retrieve a football. We will humiliate their fan base once again during Bedlam wrestling and hopefully Bedlam basketball, twice!

I would fire gundy for that

Oh yes! Because having mannerly fans is so much more important to recruits, than winning championships.

Probably the same “fans” that yelled “Sam sucks d***” at the Texas qb after that game. Such a class group.