OSU Extends Offer to Stillwater Linebacker Gabe Brown

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OSU coaches hoping they found a diamond in the rough in Stillwater LB.

5.15 in the 40? That can’t be right?!? That’s incredibly slow for a high school player, much less D-1

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So, I really didn’t think that could be right on the 40 time. His Twitter account and Hudl say 4.62. That seems a lot more likely if getting a d-1 offer. Most linemen can run a 5.15

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I’m wondering if they’re gonna offer the Stilly RB, Qwontrel Walker, who’s been a starter all four years if I’m remembering correctly.

He doesn’t seem to be getting much attention from anyone. Not sure why though. His speed is listed on 247sports as 4.69 40, which is a bit slower than ideal but fast enough you’d think he’d have gotten at least some offers

Is that about Walker or Brown? I don’t trust timed speeds unless they’re electronic but go more by eye test. Walker has good speed. I could see 4.6 electronic speed which is 4.4 hand timed.

The 4.69 is what 247 has listed for Walker. Just looked up hudl and they list him at 4.5. Seems he should be getting some offers in pretty quick if so, unless there is just something behind the scenes we don’t know. Not necessarily ethical issue or whatever, maybe telling others waiting on specific offer that just hasn’t come yet? I don’t know the kid at all. Just trying to understand what’s going on.

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