OSU Favored by 6 Points Over K-State in Conference-Opener

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K-State is an underdog for the second time this season.

Well that’s amazing I would have thought we would be 3 point underdogs. 6 points is alot. That means they think ksu is about as good as msu.

Well they should be favored. K-state without their quarterback on the road. I guess Tay is back so maybe we can throw a pass.

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If the d can stop howard. We did make boise qb look like a dual qb. Even though he had minus yards coming in.

Probably would be a bad idea to let sanders throw 20 or more passes because he will be rusty after the last game. Just kills me we have a guy that can run but can’t throw and a guy behind him that can throw but can’t run. Why would you recruit so differently at the most important position? This isn’t the only year he’s done this either. Would love someone to ask his philosophy on this.

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And our quarterback recruit for next year tore his acl so you got that to look forward too. If gunner gundy is the best we got then we will stay average for the next 6 years at least.

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What is the name of the QB who tore ACL?
God told me that he wants Gunnar Gundy as our QB.

Rangel at frisco

Considering our history of making opposing backup QBs look like All Americans, I wouldn’t put money on this one lol.

Gundy is doing a nice job with this group. My guess is he will out coach Chris Klieman just as he out coached Andy Avalos.


Well last year klieman was chasing extra points.
So gundy out coached him last year.

Should win but not confident at all and the next game after that we could get beat pretty good by Baylor. Lost 6 out of the last 9 to them and they are rolling pretty good with what looks like a good hire for a coach. This is two good coaching hires they have made after probably the best coach they have had in history of their program.

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It will be a tuff game Saturday. I’m not yet convinced about Baylor. The haven’t played any body. Yes they looked good against Kansas

They have beat Stanford and Nevada and if you look at their stats for offense and defense they are sneaky impressive. Going to be a really tough game for the boys but who isn’t going to be right.

They have 100% of their online back with deuce Vaughn.