OSU Favored By More Than Two Touchdowns Over TCU

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OSU is a big favorite on Saturday.

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Thats a bit high


Just read an article on ESPN+. OSU has a 48% chance of wining the next two games, OU has a 33% chance of wining their next two games. HOWEVER, they give OSU a 75% chance of being in the Big 12 championship game and OU an 84% chance of being there.

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IF OSU isn’t caught napping and the D can rush on the QB like they did against Doege, yeah I think OSU can gradually pull away and win by 2 or 3 scores. Offense has to be productive though and minimize mistakes. Baylor might have been fooled thinking TCU would be in turmoil and thinking they (BU) were better than than they really were after beating Texas - who lost badly to Iowa State last weekend.


One thing can we get Morris to run like doege. If so I’m on board.:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::hugs::hugs::hugs::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::scream::scream::scream::scream::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::partying_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Seams like a big number for TCU.

Seems about right. Keep in mind OU is undefeated. That gives them room to blow one and still get in CC game.

Pokes ROLL

TCU has the 3rd worst rush defense in the conference (114th nationally). Texas and Kansas are worse. They give up 202 a game. TCU pass defense is 75th (Kansas is 68th). Don’t know how in the hell Baylor didn’t get over 30 on this team.

TCU is 45th in passing offense and 31st in rushing offense. 30th in sacks allowed. So okay offensively speaking. Hopefully since Patterson isn’t coaching we can win this game.

Tcu is undefeated without patterson.
The defense should not change much.
Offensively they have nothing to loss. Their new qb had over 500 yards of offense. Were not getting 8 sacks on this kid.

Given our recent luck with Gundy vs Patterson that’s why I said it.

Sounds dangerous to me. Watched a little of the Baylor-TCU game and Chad Morris’ kid can play! Elusive as all get out and throws some nice balls. He made one play, should’ve been sacked, change directions that should’ve made Top 10 ESPN highlight and may have but I didn’t see it.

I hope we beat their narrow behinds!

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He’d have to get an ACL or MCL injury to run that poorly, LOL!

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