OSU Favored to Win Big 12-Opener Over West Virginia by 7 Points

In Gundy’s defense, he didn’t know he was keeping a hidden gem on the sideline. He was keeping a true freshman who didn’t get a spring and had missed 3 weeks of practice leading up to game time on the sideline. Shane didn’t even stay at the hotel with the team the night before because they didn’t know if he’d play. I’d be having 2nd guesses too if I were Gundy. That being said, if Bullock starts tomorrow (he won’t, but for the sake of conversation) I’d like to see Holder walk down and fire Gundy on the spot.

Anyway, Tulsa has two DL’s projected to go in next year’s draft, so their strength is D line too. They aren’t as good as WVU, but WVU wouldn’t beat the brakes off of Tulsa. I think we’re too caught up in them beating the local elementary by 46 their first game (Marshall beat the same team by 60 the week before). Remember in 2012 when we beat Savannah state by 84 points? I do. I also remember us going to play a so-so Arizona team the following week and getting our butts kicked. WVU was a terrible team last year, and they aren’t going to finish much better than that this year. If Shane can be effective and the Line can just be okay, OSU has the advantage over WVU at every single other position on the field. Better WRs, better RBs, better DL, better LBs, better DBs. The only way I see them losing is if Shane looks like Bullock did last week, and the line plays terrible. I don’t think those things happen.

Yeah…he did the same thing when he didn’t realize the hidden gems he had in Robinson, Weeden, and Rudolph.

A terrible team that OSU could only beat 20-13 last season. Which is why I wouldn’t be entirely confident in a win this weekend.

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Uh, did you not realize the 1,000 yard rusher for Tulsa didn’t play? Tore his ACL in practice a couple of days before the game.

You think CIA pays anywhere close to what he makes now? :joy: Unless one is into the coco importing side of their biz model…

Also with a backup due to an injured starter. If you have this much built up frustration and anger with osu football, why do you watch? Just turn the Channel and watch a baking show my guy.:joy:

I was referring to Corey Taylor, they have two guys who have rushed for 1,000 yards. Idk why he only got a couple of carries, unless he got hurt too.

You should listen to me more.:blush: