OSU Finishes Season Ranked No. 7 in Final AP Top 25 Poll

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It’s the highest final ranking for OSU since …

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In terms of the “New Big 12”: 5 ranked teams with 3 being in the top 10. Not bad.

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In terms of the "new big12 " I guess it is an improvement to go from 4th in the conference to 3rd.


In the “way too early top 25” OSU was ranked 9th and is the highest ranked big 12 team. That has to be a first, Go Pokes

Cowboys beat three teams that finished in AP top 10. Anyone else do that?


Do we have a big twelve championship trophy for beating those 3 teams? So just depends how you look at it. To me it doesn’t matter without big twelve championship. To some it was 3 good wins. Fiesta bowl or any bowl from here on out have to have an Asterix next to the win. Some look at it as a great win. It’s playoff or bust for every team out there from this point forward. Gundy exceeded his limits this year thanks to super seniors so congrats to him but feel short when we needed him the most for one game.

Does the trophy for that look anything like a conference championship trophy? Please send pictures.

We were 3-1 against those teams. The 1 “L” means more than the 3 - “W’s”, because instead of a Big 12 Championship trophy, we get a participation trophy.

Ohio State, who came within a gnat’s lash of being upset by Utah, should have been ranked right above Utah, just like oSu is right above ND. It is only right we would be ranked immediately behind Baylor. This infatuation with Ohio State is what’s wrong with the voting system we now have.


So whats the thought behind ranking us 9th for the 2022 season? We have a lot of folks leaving plus we are still short a DC.

I thought Cincinnati would drop in the rankings. Surprised to see them finish #4 in the rankings.

It’s a lot of it.