OSU Football: 10 Things to Watch in Spring Practice

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10 things to look for as OSU spring ball starts.

I completely disagree with the idea of moving Malcolm Rodriguez back to safety. You don’t take the leading tackler from a year ago, and switch positions. Even thought Rodriguez is a little undersized, he was a natural at the LB spot. As a safety he was a step slow in coverage, but was a great tackler. I think this move should have been made anyways, even if the depth wasn’t an issue.

Plus, I think Bundage has to prove himself again prior to just taking the spot back. And really he has to beat out Rodriguez. At times (lots of times) he was a liability to the defense. He had countless offsides, and personal foul penalties that showed a lack of discipline that hurt the defense at the worst times. Do I think there is a spot for him on this defense, yes! Do I think he is the starter, no! Special Packages, and providing depth at LB is the role I think is best for him.

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Illingworth will be sitting for 3 years unless Sanders gets hurt. My guess is by game 4 of 2021 he has hit the transfer portal and we’re hearing how he didn’t fit the culture.

Costello continues to get no love. Seems I remember he played well last spring??

I was supremely underwhelmed with Sanders last season, especially after all the SS Koolaid that was poured around here the past two seasons. Anyway, I’m praying he makes a believer out of me in 2020.
Go Pokes!

I expect he’ll improve just as much as Purdy did with Iowa State last year.

Sanders has to be quicker on his reads. Seems he enjoyed pulling it down and running. He knows he can’t last the year running that much
I also don’t want Rodriguez moved back to safety. Guys a tacking machine
I’m excited for this year !!

I hope the new QB pushes Sanders to improve greatly. Sanders was very underwhelming to me last year and we cannot have the same mistakes he continually made last year. Hoping the new QB coach is an upgrade from our part time OC from last year and we see better results. It wasn’t until game 8 last year that they bothered to teach Sanders to hold the ball with 2 hands while he is in the pocket. That is something that should have been drilled into his head the first day he stepped onto the campus. I’ll wait and see, but I hope Illingsworth pushes Sanders hard for the starting QB job. Love his size and arm strength. Might be the next Branden Weeden…cross your fingers.