OSU Football a Huge Favorite Over Kansas in Week 9

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This is the largest margin OSU has been favored in all season.

This would be the type of game an OSU fan would love to see everyone get a chance to play, especially our backup QB, Illingworth.
You never know how long Spencer will stay healthy. You hope he wouldn’t ever be injured, but that’s not his history.
But, as long as we don’t overlook KU like ou did and be dominated for 3 quarters.
We can ill afford to lose any more luster on our team if we’re to be considered for a CFP spot. We’d have to win and win impressively.

Yes just like ou did last week. Oh no that’s not rite. Heck rattler didn’t even get to play

So ur impressed Baylor is 34 and 34 since briles left.
And we all know what briles did…

We’ll probably beat Kansas, but we won’t win by 30 or more.

trap game…cant play to our opponents level…a level 10 scrimmage…all aspects need to play as one…step on their neck…

No. No, it’s not. Kansas is a trap like a pit filled with cotton candy. Even if you fell in, you’re fine.

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