OSU Football: Previewing the Cowboys' 2021 Nonconference Slate

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The Cowboys could be tested in the nonconference.

If you want national respect you have to build a better schedule. That is the current state of OSU football. We aren’t Ohio State, Clemson, OU, or LSU.

The national media and coaches aren’t going to give us the benefit of the doubt. If by some miracle we were to go 12-1 and it comes down to us against a Georgia or Florida for the CFP I think we all know how that will unfold.

I don’t mind playing Tulsa every season. I like the fact that it’s a close game for fans. We need to get away from scheduling the Missouri States of the world. That does nothing to help the program and it’s not respected at all by anyone.

I would much rather schedule a Minnesota, Arizona, Nebraska, or Indiana. Is it great Nonconference competition? Probably not, but it’s better on a resume than beating up on Missouri State.

It’s not doing the players, coaches, or fans any good when we start out 3-0 and lose our first conference opener (no matter who it seems to be, unless maybe it’s Kansas).

Gundy is more worried about padding wins for his overall record as a HC than getting his team to a conference title game. He’s even stated on Twitter he doesn’t care what fans think. I just don’t understand how blind some of you are that you don’t notice this.


You’re irrelevant joey

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So are you.

You took 20 minutes to write that for what?

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@joe15 congrats on keeping coaches name out your mouth? How many can you get in a row Joey?

I agree. Plus it’s fun as a fan to watch a game against a good program vs. an FCS school. A perfect example is in 2014 when we played Florida State.


Because I can?

At least your assessment has some sort of meat to it and some agreeable points, as opposed to Ar1. I agree we need to move away from Missouri state-like schools. But I’d like to see the number of P5 schools nationwide that play 3 P5 schools in non-con. It’s got to be very close to 0%. Heck, I’d even like to see how many P5 schools play zero FCS schools. It’s very common, if not expected, for every single P5 school to play at least 1 mid major, if not a FCS school. I like the Tulsa pull as long as it’s in waves, and last year’s Tulsa team was salty. They came seconds from knocking off a top 5 Cincy team and finishing their regular season with us as their only blemish. Looking back on it, winning even with Ethan bullock throwing prayers to little Sally 20 rows up in the stands for half the game is solid in retrospect. They would have beaten at least a few B12 schools. Nobody is giving the Blue Turf game any love, but that’s one place no one wants to go if they don’t have to. Excluding last year (only played 7 games) the last time the Broncos won less than 8 games was 1998 (!!!). I’d assume that no one currently playing for OSU was alive the last time Boise won less than 8 games in a normal season. Its not a bad non-con schedule for us this year. Next year’s non-con is absolutely disgusting, but then it heats up a little bit after that with the ASU H&H and gets pretty salty in ‘25 and ‘26. There’s rumors about a neutral site game being worked out with MSU or Iowa in ‘24 to go along with Arkansas. I’d enjoy a P5-Tulsa-P5 non-con lineup, that seems perfect for us.

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P5-Tulsa-P5 non-conference schedule sounds good to me.

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I didn’t mention Boise State because they’ve historically been a respectable program based on their wins and by national pundits. Don’t have a problem playing against G5 opponents as long as they’re worth the paper they’re written on.

We don’t have the national prowess or tradition to be scheduling FCS schools if we ever find ourselves in the situation I mentioned above. I also don’t think playing a G5 school that can only post 3-4 wins a season (Like South Alabama) is very beneficial either.

If we are going to only schedule one power 5 opponent or zero I think at the very least we should be scheduling three G5 schools that are consistently decent. I realize that maybe difficult to do but I’m officially tired of padding our wins and stats against teams we can beat 84-0.

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I’d be fine with 2 decent G5, 1 being Tulsa and then another that’s usually good like Boise, Cinci, UCF, Memphis. 2 P5 would be even better. I don’t like this FCS schedule unless you could get NDSU. Still would rather see a decent G5 or P5 team though.

Fair, I don’t want us playing meaningless games either. But we may be getting ahead of ourselves with that talk right now. History shows that at least 50% of the playoffs will consist of either Bama, OU, Clemson, or Ohio state. I believe at least 2 of those 4 schools have made the playoff in 100% of years it’s been a thing. That theoretically leaves 126 schools fighting with everyone else and 2 of those 4 schools for the final 2 spots. At this point anything less than 12-0 might not us in, and if we go 12-0 our non-con wouldn’t matter. And if the goal for now is making a conference title game, non-con is irrelevant.

I agree somewhat with your post: it would be nice to schedule someone besides Missouri St, but scheduling MN, AZ, Neb wouldn’t help us at all. If we beat them, still a pat on the back, but if we lose our season is over before it starts.

Either schedule the cupcake to learn more about your team, or try to schedule the blue-bloods (that don’t want to schedule us for the same reasons we shouldn’t schedule MN, AZ, etc) knowing we could recover from an early loss ( like we could have against FSU).

I’ve said this a billion times. They think it’s as easy as OSU saying “hey Bama, play us.” And they think Bama will go “okay, sure!” Not even remotely close to easy to schedule quality opponents.


I wouldn’t want to touch NDST with a million-foot long pole. No way. They’re the king of ruining P5 seasons.

Gundy in recent years explained to the media the main reason O SU does not play much better teams for non-conference games. He said the Big 12 is so physical that it really takes a toll on the team and therefore you don’t want add 3 more games like that in a season. It would be just too demanding on the players. I agree.

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Well what we have now isn’t demanding enough evidently as they don’t come out ready to play the first conference game and lose it at a much higher rate than they should.

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Two P5 teams in the last 6 years and you’re talking two in one season. Ha

Pittsburgh and Oregon State were both mentioned in a article by Sporting News as the worst teams in power 5. In fact Oregon State was listed as the worst. You don’t go 6 years with as weak of a non-conference schedule as we’ve had without working at it. Padding wins helps Gundy’s record but doesn’t build a better stronger program.

All I’ve ever asked for in non-conference is to play one power 5 team every year. Before Gundy threw his fit, Holder was scheduling Arizona, Georgia, Washington State, Mississippi State, Florida State. Playing Arkansas makes perfect sense. We compete for recruits, it close. We need to be beating Nebraska to prove to them it was a mistake to run to the big10.

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Playing Nebraska Arkansas Missouri Colorado would help in recruiting.