OSU Football: Previewing the Start of the Cowboys' 2021 Big 12 Slate

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We’re baaack previewing the first leg of OSU’s Big 12 schedule.

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Why do I have this feeling we are going to lose the opener?

Probably has to do with our recent record in home openers (3-6) and playing a team in K-State who has always played us tough regardless how good they are. Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me.

Don’t forget we have Sanders at QB so we’ll have 3 turnovers and rely on our defense to win.

At least 1 loss in this group possibly 2 if TexASS can figure it out. I’d say 60-40 we lose to KState.


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I don’t see this team as good as 2017 on offense especially in skill players and TCU and OU’s defense nullifies how good we are on defense, so it looks like 4th or worse in conference. Oh well, that’s good enough. Come on Cheez it bowl.

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Some of you guys have a lot of faith in a coach that’s nearly made it a tradition to lose the conference opener.