OSU Football: Ranking Mike Gundy's 12 Bowl Wins

Again, your not saying anything. Just repeating your self.
Your tge weirdest guy you hate winning but want titles.

Kind of an idiotic statement. You gotta win to be able to win titles :man_shrugging:. It’s not winning when you lose :man_facepalming:.

You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about then. We played for the CC the same goal we set out to do. If you think the two loses were the difference in a NY6 bowl and where we went then you know that answer. ?

No you don’t really, your understanding of football is the lowest I’ve ever seen

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We could try and win one for a change. Last time I checked winning means winning. It doesn’t mean losing. Yeah, there’s a difference between 9-4 and 11-2. It definitely would’ve made a difference in what bowl game we would’ve gotten.

It wouldn’t have made a ■■■■ you idiot !! Texas and uo were going first in bowls Everyone but you knows that. You are just too stupid to know it
Try to mention the SA game more. No one has heard you whine about that yet. And CC too , we haven’t heard that in the last 3 hours You have to be the most ignorant person I know about football. You never mention the games we win , the consistency in the program that few have.
Go to someone else’s board that you like
Anyone that continually mentions SA and CC has a mental disorder

Why didn’t tcu win the championship last year. They dudnt win enough to be in the title game. 5 less wins

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Why didn’t OSU win the conference title in 2013 and 2021? We couldn’t beat a team playing a TE at QB in 2013. Also, we couldn’t score in the red zone on six separate occasions against Baylor in 2021.

Not if you don’t get blown out by SA and UCF. Especially when you have the win over OU. Everyone seems to know that but you.

Stop deflecting. You change topic because you cant defend your pathetic ideas

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What did I change?

You’re lying to yourself if you think so. Name recognition is what uo and Texas had. Why don’t you ever learn something…… deflect deflect
Texas and uo we’re going before us. If you think not why didn’t we go ? We were in the title game
Where did TCU.go ? Oh that’s right they were a loser , same as Baylor You are a prize aren’t yo
Why didn’t uo beat Kansas ? We did , that made not one bit of difference
They were predicting where everyone was going before the CC game was decided. You just don’t understand football, never will

Why didn’t uo win a title in all the times they went to the CFP ? Why ? Answer that and you will have your answer to everything moron
You play your stupid game of ifs and buts and whys like some child or girl You should be banned from here when everyone wanted you gone

Did OU or Texas get blown out by UCF or a G5 school? You think name recognition has anything to do with that? Go ahead and deflect who we actually lost to like nobody pays attention to it or something :man_shrugging:.

So if OSU would’ve beaten Texas they still would’ve sent us to the same bowl game? If Texas would’ve lost they would’ve went to the CFP? Stop being an idiot!!!

That last statement was such a dumbass statement if there ever was one. We would have gone to where the CC was designed to go
Such a dumb statement
Uo didn’t play much better than us. BYU had them best running the ball down their throat and they throw a pass at the one Did you complain about them not blowing BYU doors off or not beating Kansas. Why did they lose to Kansas when we beat them ? UCF had uo down late in the 4th … you should find another board. No one wants your negative asz here

We were talking about tcu.
Any time i start a conversation your reaction is to change it. Its always back to usa lose. You think your so smart then actually answer why i predicted baylor tcu and ksu not repeating the next years after their good runs.

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  1. Why on earth would I care what OU is doing?

  2. A win is a win, right? You just said in the conversation above “what does it matter if we win by 3 points or 40 points”. So it’s okay only when OSU does it?

  3. OU also beat Texas. You act like that never happened. They also didn’t lose to a G5 school or any of the new conference members.

  4. Stop changing the subject.

I asked a question about TCU and you completely avoided it. If you’re not going to answer the original questions there’s no point in staying on that subject. All I’m doing now is answering what you bring up since you have no argument for my previous questions.

I went back a few could not find a question. Im sure you got is confused. No question so like is said your deflecting and not on topic

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No one is changing the subject moron. Get off the SA chit , that’s all you have to bring in. You say beating someone by 40 is a better win.? It’s not , it still goes in a as a W. SA was one loss , it doesn’t count for 3 losses you idiot. What if uo beat Texas ? They couldn’t have at the end of the season when Texas had it figured out. Why did uo lose to Kansas to go to the CC Go ahead and blow some more hot air

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That doesn’t surprise me considering we have to find information for you.