OSU Football Recruiting Wish List: Three Players to Watch

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OSU still has work to do to finish its 2022 class.

Why is our Oline recruiting so bad? Dickey has a track record of putting low ranked HS guys in the NFL. What is the deal?

Webber really has nothing on him. If he wants to be closer to home he go 2 offer in New York. The 25th will tell us if we and still in, top 5 list.
At one time both of the 2 d guys were in. Be great to pick them up. Both have good numbers. We need more defense guys too.

I just can’t understand how we seem to continue to miss on online guys for over ten years and counting. Sure would like a reporter to grow some balls and ask Gundy why this is and if he thinks it’s acceptable. You think we get a good big in basketball first before we get a high profile o line guy?

This is the time in gundy’s recruiting where he fill’s the rest of the roster with mid to low 3 stars and acouple unranked kids and find ourselves in the mid 30’s to 40 in class rank. Like clock work🤷‍♂️.

I’m wondering if the Oline has more to do with the fact that we’re incredibly young at Oline, we might only take 2-3 guys on the line this year. I’m more worried about the defense.

They won’t get any of these players. This recruiting class will end in the 40s. Heard it here first.