OSU Football: Spencer Sanders May Be Ahead of the Curve

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-football-spencer-sanders-may-be-ahead-of-the-curve/

Spencer appears to be taking that next step.

He is doing much better with turnovers. When he is given a pocket and makes throws downfield, the results are great. However, as the article says, he isn’t being asked to do much. He is running a lot, handing the ball off, and rarely goes under center to make a pass, and the offense works great when he actually does the latter, but doesn’t really work if everything is the former (unless Chuba gets an inch of free space of course, then it’s an easy touchdown)

Hopefully his throwing hand isn’t badly hurt, and Gundy was telling the truth about him being pulled as a precaution.


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