OSU Football: Superlatives and Quotes for the Cowboys Offense

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Previewing OSU’s offense with the Next Man Up, Rising Star, the Name to Know and more.

There’s the old football adage that Bill Belichick proved true again today: “If you have two QBs, you don’t have any QBs.”

That said, I’m a little worried about our plethora of running backs. I think I would prefer to have the “lead horse” with the others supplementing as needed. I’m not sure anyone gets a rhythm if we shuttle four backs in-and-out of the game.

Yeah, 4 or 5 backs gets too crowded. Typically only need 3 unless injury situation is just ridiculous.

Meh. Ive always thought that was silly. We had Thurman Thomas starter and Barry Sanders backing him up. Sometimes you have great depth. Trust me every starting RB for Gundy has been drafted except one. Desmond Roland. Thats it. Fact. People just like to talk without facts. Gundy just compared Jackson to Toston. Toston spent 2 seasons in nfl. People like to gas off. 2 of these 4 RBs will play in NFL at least for a bit. Mark it down.

That’s a great problem to have. Too many talented running backs. Didn’t even mention the two freshman backs, Jaden Nixon and Zach Middleton, they should get a few snaps in mop up duty.