OSU Gets Hammered by NCAA, What's Next for Cade Cunningham?

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Man, it has been quite a year.


This was finally supposed to be the year OSU was finally back where they belong and now they just got the death penalty. Expect to see almost all signed players be released and expect a few transfers.

Can OSU not appeal? Are you not allowed to fight the ruling?

They’re appealing

Something isn’t adding up. If Arizona and LSU don’t get absolutely hammered then this seems like OSU has a target on them for some reason. The NCAA needs to look strongly at Duke and Kansas because they do far worse. Lawyer up OSU and fight like you’ve never fought before. The Oklahoma State basketball program for years to come depends on it. Crazy how Underwood can skip town and nothing follow with the coaches once they leave. Boynton doesn’t deserve this. He worked his butt off and now he will pay for someone elses mistakes. OSU fired the problem. LSU and Arizona did not. Fight this with everything in your being Holder. Defend the man you took a chance on. Oklahoma State basketball is being unfairly treated.

It’s a giant mess but there might not be a basketball season anyway if another wave of the virus hits as some expect it to in the fall.
OSU escaped the NCAA’s chopping block for the Sports Illustrated article so maybe the NCAA is miffed about that so now they get another chance to clobber the school. It will be interesting if Kansas gets a slap on the wrist considering the level of the charges they face. I agree that OSU needs to hire an attorney who knows what he is doing in this case. If Cade is going anywhere it would be to North Carolina since that is where he said he almost ended up.