OSU Gets Texas on Halloween, OU in November in New Big 12 Schedule

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Here’s the new OSU 10-game schedule.

This looks a lot like the schedule A&M was supposed to have. Haha! Two weeks to prepare for Bedlam. This team and coaching staff have ABSOLUTELY ZERO EXCUSES!!! GO WIN THE BIG 12!!!


I haven’t heard anything about crowds. Will these be “fan-free” stadiums like other sports right now? Will there be socially-distanced amounts of fans? Will there be completely full stadiums?

Why is September 19th not being called a bye week?
I am so thrilled that the Big 12 is moving forward with the season. I totally get that there is trepidation about the “long term consequences” and all the unknown but if we always based decisions on that, I can’t see how anything could ever get done. Unfortunately, yes, after a few years there may be a contingent of former players that might want to sue for reparations (i.e. the c.t.e. stuff with the NFL) but I think with all that we have to go on, the season should go on.

It’s up to each university and whatever the state and local restrictions are.

This sets up so well for the Pokes that they should have a good shot at winning the Big12. I suspect the OU game will be the only game they are not favored.

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Chill out, why do you have so much hatred towards somebody?

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