OSU golf 2019-2020

Are we surprised we lost another Match play event. What is going on?

This year is certainly a down year for the squad, but we have the talent to make a splash in the spring.

It’s hard to follow up a squad that included Vik and Wolff.

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It’s what @SwingingPete said. Our team is down this year and has little experience. While they have talent it’s not anywhere near the past two years.

oSu lost 3 players to the PGA and a fourth is working on getting there. Wolff left after his sophomore year and Hovland his Junior year so that affects leadership. oSu has talent it is just young and not battle proven. I had hoped Austin Eckroat would provide that leaderships but seems like is still finding his game. Not as easy as having 3-4 PGA players on the roster but should be interesting. Beating OU in match play was encouraging.

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I think the next couple of years will be strong for OSU, though. Rayhan and Stark are going to be really, really good. Stark taking down Reband was huge. With Jordan Wilson on his way, I like the Pokes’ odds in the next couple of years to win a national title.

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Just a heads up to those who may not know. OSU is tied 2-2 and tied in the final match in the semis at East Lake right now. Head to Golf Channel to check out the last few holes.

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They won the match to face Texas in the finals tomorrow. Golf channel at 9:30 I believe.

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Golf channel coverage of the East Lake Cup finals of OSU vs texas is beginning now. The Cowboys are already up two in two matches. Eckroat taking on Cole Hammer is going to be pretty awesome to watch.

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Final update before it all ends…

Down to the last two matches with Texas having 2 points on the board to OSU’s 1

Eckroat (OSU) is 2 up on Hammer
Thomas (OSU) is 1 down to Vick on 17


Texas 3 OSU 2
Eckroat took down Hammer and Thomas mounted a pretty good comeback effort Down three to have a shot to win the hole on 18 to push it to extras. A pretty good showing in match play for the young guys!

Also, I think Brian Stark the Freshman may be a future dude.


Welp. Match play gets us again.

Putting up points and having it be close vs Texas who is stacked was actually really good. In the stroke we finished 3rd and it wasn’t close. So match play actually worked in our favor in this tournament.

Yeah, good point. What would be a good finish for us then? Like top 10 finish at ncaa?

Oof this is going to hurt to say… but top 10 would be a Fantastic finish for this team. Right now they sit at 57. There is a long way to go though and we have a very inexperienced team. Bratton may have the boys ready to make a Cinderella run.


I am so out of touch with this years team. 57th! Gulp

57th isn’t a great look obviously, but let’s look at our starting 5 right now…

Eckroat - Jr
Gupta - So
Hazen Newman - Freshman
Brian Stark - Freshman
Rayhan Thomas- Freshman

They’re all so young. Eckroat is a semi dude, like today he took down Cole Hammer who is the guy who throttled Wolff last year in NCAA’s in their match and is the #2 ranked amateur.

Brian Stark I think is going to be a really good player. He went 2-0 this week pretty convincingly.

Thomas showed flashes of being a top player but just needs to pull his game together a bit more and that’ll come with time.

Gupta has potential as well. I just haven’t seen him have the complete game yet, he seems consistent though.

Newman I haven’t seen or heard much about so I have no insight there unfortunately.

Very young team, but they have the opportunity to grow as a group as they will be together a while and be really really good.


Any insight on our golf recruiting?

That’s something I wish we could see more of. Seth does a great job with the wrestling recruiting, but I’d love to see golf and baseball recruiting updates. Doesn’t even have to be often, just a couple of times a year.


Golf Recruiting seems to be a little different. KP may be able to lend more to the recruiting side as there isn’t much out there in terms of “rankings” like basketball or football or even wrestling so there are no class ranks to compare.

Also I do know collegiate golf teams can hold camps for younger kids and can recruit from there. It seems from what I read that a lot of former OSU guys love to help in recruiting. Rickie was apparently key in getting Thomas on this years squad.

All that being said, OSU has that “Alabama football” advantage in golf as they have a legacy. They’ve got pros, they’ve got titles and they have Karsten. Bratton does well internationally as well as domestically. He’s also got a high school golf dynasty just down the road in Edmond, OK at Edmond North. That’s where Eckroat is from and Hayden Wood from last year.

Bratton does say in a few articles he emphasizes what playing for OSU means to these guys and I think that’s pretty cool that he makes it clear that playing for this school is a big deal.

I’ll try to keep up with any golf recruiting information I can get a hold of and keep you all updated.

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