OSU Hoops: A Successful Season in the Books

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On how to gauge success when your incentives change, or are taken away.

This season wasn’t successful!


I was glad to see there were over 10,000 people in the stands. The team deserved that.


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Leading a team is one of the most difficult things anyone can aspire to do. I’d like to see any naysayers, with the culture we live in, lead a team to stay on the fight and not phone it in. Not every success is measured in W’s


Crowd was fantastic. Unfortunately, part of that is because Tech fans traveled well. Any excuse to get out of that sh1thole called Lubbock.

When the most widely used measure of success (championships) is taken from you, how do you then re-define it?

It is when you getting 3 million a year. If coach B was coaching the 7 grade at the YMCA I agree it wouldn’t be about W’s.

You define success by W’s. The opportunity to play for championships is a by product of wins. The program was banned this year from playing for a big 12 championship and the opportunity to play in the NCAA tournament and that stinks. The job of MB was to get this kids to play hard in spite of the adversity. The excuse that we were average this year was because of the sanctions is a weak excuse. MB job is to help these kids understand life isn’t fair and you have to do what you can overcome obstacles. The performance this year was disappointing for the most part.

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What is to prevent OSU from utilizing NIL to compensate for the lost scholarships? Heck, PFB could start a fund RIGHT HERE that would cover the lost scholarship. Put me down for a $1,000…

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I was happy with how we finished these last two games but man this team struggled to gel. To me, with talent we have, we should have been in at least in Tech’s position on Saturday, competing for a share of the Big 12 regular season title. Instead we split with everyone except for Kansas.

That being said, we were 2 overtime games away from being 10-8 in conference which would have put us tied for 4th with Texas. In that scenario we would have beat OU twice and Baylor twice and finished the season on a 5 game winning streak. I think I would have called that a successful season also.

Hi Pistols Firing group.
Please throw this into the mix.
We OSU basketball alums got invited by assistant coach Scott Sutton, back to Stillwater for the Saturday, February 19th, 2022 Kansas State home game. On the Friday after I arrived I met with many of the other ex-Cowboys, as well as re-acquaint with the 7 of my contributing squad that made it to the reunion. The total of 90 of us representing 7 decades did it at an open practice with a following wonderful dinner. What was most memorable for me was how Coach Boyton and his staff attended, mingled and verified Orange Power is very alive and well. His staff and players thanked us for setting the groundwork of representing, competing and winning in Stillwater. This despite having an early 1pm start Saturday conference game, with always tough K State, looming just hours away. Maybe it was poetic justice seeing us win that afternoon game, in overtime no less. And then was the Sunday Bedlam wrestling win over OU, also at the buzzer. Going to service earlier that morning at University Heights Baptist on South Knoblock, with Baylor Best Man Brad Livingstone was a great move too. He and Baylor President Linda Livingstone both played varsity basketball for OSU.
At the end of the day put me in the group that appreciates Head Coach Boyton and his staff. Now back in Las Vegas they can count on me 100% This year I’m rooting in March and April for the Baylor Bears. But I have full confidence in Coach Sutton and his colleagues to continue doing the right thing, for our present players now and in the future. Basketball Orange Power may be presently unplugged but we have the right personnel in place to fire it up conventionally and with renewable power. We just need to be patient and supportive. Let’s Go Pokes. It’s time to come out Pistol’s Firing.

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Thank you so much!!!

I don’t get how Boynton gets excused for not having a tournament worthy team, but also praised for keeping the team playing hard despite the sanctions.

If they were playing hard, then the postseason ban didn’t matter because we weren’t good enough to make the tournament. If they weren’t playing hard because of the ban, then why wasn’t he motivating them?