OSU Hoops: Cowboys' Big 12 Opener against Texas Tech Postponed Due to COVID

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-hoops-cowboys-big-12-opener-against-texas-tech-postponed-due-to-covid/

The Big 12 opener is moved due to COVID protocols within the OSU program.

ESPN+ loves them some osu.

Well at least they have xtra time to shoot free throws. :man_facepalming:


Coulda just stopped at “shoot”. Haha!

■■■■ I have a bad feeling about our bowl game being canceled. Honestly the later and more prestigious it is the worse it’ll probably be for cancellations. At least the players should still get their PS5s.

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Yea boynton’s teams have yet to be good shooters for sure.

What has floored me for along time is that boynton’s teams have always looked like they play neighborhood basketball and don’t seem to play with any rhythm. Scott Sutton has been an assistant the whole time and I would have thought he could help boynton out on that but it just hasn’t happened for some reason. I would like to think the reason is because Scott is tanking the team alittle to get a shot at head coach but it doesn’t look good on him either so I don’t know.