OSU Hoops Recruit Enoch Boakye Commits to Arizona State

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A major OSU target is headed to ASU.

Well I’m not sure what u guys mean by retool since we’re just losing guards and we have 1000 of them.
But if retool mean get a true center which we have none then ok.
Joe will be upset he was count on this kind. Maybe boynton can get some pointers how to recurit north of the border.

All I hear is Boynton is such a great recruiter. All the hope of building off the momentum of signing Cade is quickly going down the drain. Nobody committed for 2021 or 2022. What the Hell is going on!

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We were never getting this kid. He wanted to go somewhere he could start right away. It’s why he decommitted from MSU. He’s not starting over Boone or Moncrieffe next year so we never had a shot.

Was hoping we could get this guy. Hopefully we can get a big in this cycle.

I’m pretty sure coach would start a 5 star.

Kinda hard to recruit when the NCAA is looming over your head.

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If we could have got this kid it would’ve been a great pick up. I don’t think coach B told the kid hey if you come to OSU your not going start. Boone and Moncrief are average at best.

Average at best? They are above average and young. If they were seniors and had the numbers they have well I would say average.

What makes them above average?

How young they are

Average at best is ice.

Boone was the only one that just didn’t throw it up.
He is average but out of the bigs has the best up side. Can score.
Moncrief awkward with the ball. Can score. If learns to get soft hands could really be a scorer.
Ice is ice. the bb teams Sanders. Hurt ,can’t shoot. But everybody thinks he got talent. He is 21 not going to learn to hit 3’s. Ft tho is a rhythm thing. Get in the gym. Finds a spot on the rim and just shoot a 1000 a day.

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I’m pretty sure boynton will start the best player not the highest high school ranking player.

Really doesn’t matter how young they are. They are going to be average at best for their college career, and that’s fine if they can contribute I’ll be happy and if I’m wrong and they turn out above average I’ll be thrilled

Go tell that to all of the other schools like Kansas about the difficulties of recruiting with the ncaa hanging over our heads. Doesn’t seem to be affecting them.

Which is typically the highest rated players. I think you’d be hard pressed to find many 5 stars that aren’t starting unless it’s a blue blood. Especially when we need someone with size. I like Boone he’s just too small for some of the centers he has to play against. This guy is big enough.

If you think this kid who is borderline 5 star is going to come to any program and dominate…you are kidding yourself. And Boone and Moncrieffe are both averaging 10 ppg early in their careers.

Actually for big guys I can go find numerous 5 star big guys that don’t come in and dominate unless they are top 10 out of high school. If you actually did a little research you would find out that you don’t know what you are talking about.

Find them then. The only ones that I see that aren’t starting are at blue bloods. Because there is typically another 5 start starting ahead of them.