OSU Hosts Running Back Tiyon Evans on Virtual Tour

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OSU is still on the hunt to land another RB in 2021.

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Could LD not stay on for another year given the revised eligibility rules this year?


I like Nixon and McCaskil’s tape but I think bringing in another Juco guy would be a great move with two outgoing backs (likely). Especially with the kid from Beggs coming the next year.

I hope LD comes back and showcases his talent. I personally think he is a better back than Chuba.

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The answer is yes there is a path for LD to come back next year but it is not that simple. First off does he want to or does he want to get his life started and not take the punishment that football players receive. If the answer is yes to that they still have to be willing to give him the extra scholarship year, in a time when the athletic department is laying people off due to finances.

I say we should be looking for a new running backs coach

Me too. Chuba has seriously regressed

My understanding is YES, and he should IMO. Get one year to showcase yourself as RB1. If he decides to go to the draft he might go in the later rounds or have to make a team as an undrafted FA which is a LOT more difficult.

Not a better back than Hubbard, but definitely a better RB than everyone thought going into this season. He has had some good games this year, but to say he is better than Hubbard is a bit of a leap in over reaction.

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