OSU Is at the Big Boy Table, Here's To Hoping It Continues to Trickle Down to Other Sports

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Gundy’s pay raise could allow OSU to take another step as an athletic department.

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Agree we are headed in the right direction. When we start seeing a half dozen or more 5-star recruits each year we will have arrived on the Big 12 mountain top!


“Whether it be beating Texas with a team primarily built of three-star recruits or not necessarily having a national brand, the Cowboys kept winning under Mike Gundy.”

Who doesn’t beat Texas these days? Their average conference finish has been 6th over the last 11 seasons. It’s really not that impressive any longer. Of course, I understand you have to force feed the orange koolaid.

They gonna make a statue out of one day Joey , I’ll give you one guess what it will be !!

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Poor joy. This is got to be your worst week since the announced the new contract or when we beat noter lame.

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Excuse me, at OSU I failed college algebra class, so I am not good when it comes to math.
So can someone explain to me how giving a very well-paid coach such a raise, actually improves our team and gets us 4 star recruits? All I see it doing is lessen Chad’s fear that maybe Mike ends up in Tennessee some day. You think any recruit cares how much a head coach earns?
You want to improve our image? Then spend money on giving coach Gundy and English tutor. He goes on national TV and says, “We got a logo too”. It should be, “we also have a logo”. Anything but the phrase, “got a”. I know that Gundy had to have taken freshman English class while at OSU.


Hating is not healthy @tai


Disagreeing with a raise for someone who already is overpaid, is not the same as hating.
It’s just reality testing. I think the whole world is going insane and not realizing it. Another $230 million dollar contract was just given in professional sports for someone who might not be able to play because of 22 civil suits against him.

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I kinda thought the same thing. Regardless of whether you think Gundy deserves the raise, the only real reason you give someone a raise is to keep them from leaving. Did we really think Gundy was a risk to leave without the raise? Maybe so, they know more than me, but I sure did not think so.

I do think it says something about our program that we can afford to pay a coach that much money and are willing to do so. It will speak volumes to the pool of candidates to replace Gundy whenever that time comes.

Gundy has been lobbying hard for increases to all parts of the football budget. Hopefully this raise signifies that the administration is making a bigger commitment to all parts of the football budget, not just head coach salary. We are in a precarious time right now. The conference is in danger of falling to the ranks of the non-power conferences if we cannot keep up in football. Time for everyone in the conference to pony up.

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Hopefully we can depend on Baylor and Cincinnati to carry the conference.

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I think they made some good choices in the new additions to the Big 12. Those schools realize they have to step it up a few notches to be able to compete in the Big 12. K. Sampson already showing what he can do at Houston. Cincinatti flexing their muscles in football.
I wonder where this expanded budget money is coming from? Donors have stepped it up lately? Windfall from investing in the stock market? A trust fund set up by T. Boone?
But good to hear that there must be ample money now. There certainly is a plan in place to elevate the football program, and it’s now more than just talk. Money to back it up. I thought that would start with facilities, rather than going to salaries. What will be asked in return for this salary hike? It all starts with recruiting.

"Just make it to a bowl. Period. "

If Gundy ever wins the conference again, it will say more about how far the conference has fallen than the program at OSU before he has said to many times how he isn’t changing anything.


You a real hater.

Why you hate Gundy so much? What did he do to you?


He made 4th in the conference acceptable. Heck the most believe averaging 4th and never winning titles in the best this program will ever do.

You dont believe he is trying to win every game possible?

Recently, Mike Gundy flirted with the idea of leaving the Oklahoma State Cowboys for Tennessee or Arkansas. Apparently, at least part of the reason was a rift between Gundy and Cowboy athletic director Mike Holder over nonconference scheduling.

That much has been confirmed in a press conference by Gundy himself, according to Jimmie Tramel of the Tulsa World . The rumors have indicated that while Gundy wishes to schedule lesser opponents to get big wins, Holder wants to schedule big names that will bring in more money.

Most OSU fans might be more inclined to agree with Gundy. After all, he is certainly more well-known than Holder and is the university’s favorite son.

However, Gundy is dead wrong concerning his scheduling philosophy.

That was written in 2012 but we have had to live through it just so Gundy could guarentee enough wins to make a bowl.

…so you do or dont believe he has tried ptop win every game possible? Simply yes or no

I believe he has scheduled lesser opponents to guarantee more wins. Kind of like the basketball player who stays on one end and doesn’t run the floor trying to score easy baskets.

I don’t know what else they can put on it besides “Most wins in school history”. They definitely won’t have to spend a lot of time etching out how many conference titles or NY6 bowls he’s won. So that should make the cost of the statue a little less. We definitely know they won’t be inscribing his Bedlam record on it.

Maybe he dominated Missouri State.