OSU Lands at No. 7 in Latest AP Poll

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Bedlam will be between AP Top 10 teams for just the third time ever.

Just win baby, knock off OU and that should put us at 5th heading to Conference Championship week. Then beat Baylor and pray someone besides Georgia loses. #BeatOU

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27 years since that 1984 game. I remember it well, it was my freshman year. Seen a lot of losses to OU over that span. Several times when we had the better team (the 1985 “Ice Bowl”, 2010, 2013, arguably 2015). Some where we were at least even (1984, 1987, 1988, 2012). Notably, three wins when we definitely had the worse team (2001, 2002, 2014). A lot of incredibly close games, especially in this century, a bunch coming down to one or two small mistakes. And some blowouts.

So many OSU fans tend to think of the season as good or bad solely on whether we won Bedlam. That 2001 team? Finished 4-7. 2014? Winning Bedlam made them bowl-eligible, a dismal season that saw a true freshman QB lose his redshirt to save the day. I look at this current team. They’re 10-1. Tops in the Big 12, ticket to the Big 12 championship punched (where OU has to either win Bedlam or hope for a Baylor loss to get in). They have a good chance to win this game. Some would argue they ‘should’ win it and that a loss is unacceptable. To me, no matter the outcome of Bedlam, these Cowboys deserve to be lauded.

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