OSU Lands Commitment From In-State Running Back Rodney Fields

Originally published at: OSU Lands Commitment From In-State Running Back Rodney Fields | Pistols Firing

OSU adds a big-time playmaker for 2024.

This kid looks elite. Glad we got him early. But, other suitors will follow, like they always do when OSU commits a guy. Hope we keep him.

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Kyle: how big is he? That will always be one of the main factors everyone wants to know.

Think I read on Pokes Report he was 187 lbs.
not bad if so.
Anyone know why Brown quit ? Did he go somewhere else ?

Thank you. 187 not bad. Lot better than 170. In his video, he’s not afraid to put his shoulder down and initiate contact.

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Not seeing elite skills. Little kid and the kids he’s playing against look very poor at tackling at best. Need to put Some lb’s on him. Looks like a typical osu recruited kid. Serviceable but not elite to me.

Apparently he’s walking away from football for now. Not expected to sign anywhere else as of yet. Might be a little burned out. I got that way midway through my freshman year and I wasn’t anywhere near the caliber of athlete, just been playing since I was 6 and was tired of it. Regret it now though lol

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Looks like Fields and Dunn need pistols firing training

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How did OSU miss this guy going to KU via transfer? Played at Wisconsin.

Logan Brown headshot - 2019

50 Logan Brown

  • Class:

  • Position:

  • Hometown:
    Grand Rapids, Mich.

  • High School:
    East Kentwood

  • Height:

  • Major:
    Communication Arts

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Baylor had a couple of 175 lb. backs (Reese and Williams) who were both pretty dang good. Reese almost hit 1,000 yards on the season, but yeah, Fields looks pretty small.

That one comes with some baggage. Got booted from WIsc for punching a teammate. Collier had the same problem when he got to OSU. Wanting to fight his own teammates.

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Fields does a nice job of putting his foot in the ground on his first move and getting north and south quick. Pretty explosive once he gets to the 2nd level.

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Yea, a ways to go before he actually arrives on campus, but even then nothing is certain. Doesn’t seem too far back when a commitment actually meant something. Now thanks to the portal, even when the player commits, signs, and arrives a question mark hangs over their time on campus.


Seems we have developed a lot of kids that then portal out. Not something I’m fond of ……

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Did Collier get kicked off team?

I already have his nickname
Rodney “Danger” Fields

Yes. Last I heard is they sent him to a mental health facility in Tulsa.

Yeah, there are a few 170 pounders who can produce, Justice Hill for example. I just like them a little bigger to start. 187 is a good weight

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Wow, I did not hear that.

That’s what I heard but can’t confirm it for you. Someone else might be able to though.