OSU Linebacker Na'Drian Dizadare Enters Transfer Portal

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Another defender hits the portal.

Need to land that Tulsa guy badly.

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https://twitter.com/rwillie11/status/1599771524621160448?s=46&t=5CBW6NjfzCMksG1UuhZUew Also thank god

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His name hasnt poped up, so yes good. Still along way to be safe. Some one must have cough up some money.

This kid here is the guys you want going to the portal. Been here 3 years and havent done anything. By know we would know if he is a hidden gem

I wouldn’t have gave it a second thought if we hadn’t lost Cobb. As of right now there is a big ■■■■ hole in the defense.

Defense was getting better. We definitely need a good lb and some d tackles maybe a safety. Rawls i think will be ready next year.

Get a couple of experienced lineman. Stanford and cali have some. Stanford has a center

With Collin Oliver (apparently) staying, dodged a major bullet.


Need Daniels to stay too


Cobb entered 40 minutes ago.

Why are you guys worried about who we are loosing?

You guys know where you will finish every year from here on out with no championship no matter who gundy gets or looses. Mister simplistic looks like he didn’t buck up yet and do what’s right for the university and step down. Should just be another year watching new coaches in the big twelve win championships.

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No no no. The question is why are you wasting our time reading your crying post

No no no, why are you wasting your time believing in the tooth fairy?

I just can’t help my self watching you have hope every year lol. You rich man.

Dnt lead with crying that gives you lil credited.

Poor you lol. Still can’t write. Let’s here your hope for gundy led cowboys next year? HI need some laughter today

6 wins? Think osu will be bowl eligible next year?

I’ll bet you if osu gets bowl eligible next year I will sign off for ever and if they don’t then you singn off for ever?

Most definitely.

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I dnt want you to sign off. I enjoy making fun of you