OSU Loses Another Commitment From 2021 Recruit Kolbe Fields

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[DJ Khaled voice]: Another one.

Seems like the first commit is usually a definite decommit. Just hate that it’s a defensive guy from sec country.

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So much for spinning the whole Chuba BS as being a positive for OSU and recruiting. Have we had one commit since everything went down?

I don’t think you see how this works. These guys didn’t buy into the Cowboy Culture and didn’t take football seriously. Example, Tylan Wallace 4* .9442 bought in, works hard, takes football seriously. CJ Moore 4* .9388 didn’t buy in, doesn’t work hard, doesn’t take football seriously. (Would have loved to see CJ play because someone who doesn’t work hard or take football seriously and has almost the same recruiting numbers must have twice the talent. )

Every time we get any momentum on the recruiting trail, something has to bring it to a screeching halt. Every time

Ar1, I’m not sure you understand It had nothing to do with working hard. It had to do with some of the stars on the team thought they deserved more of a personal relationship with Gundy. The forum which they choose to voice there opinion was incredibly immature and has most likely hurt the image of OSU football. The story that will be spun on the recruiting trail May hurt for awhile.

Fields has essentially been gone for a while now, the incident had nothing to do with his decommitment

Ok I’ll give you the fields recommitment was already in the works. Have we had a commitment since June 10?

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Lack of hard work and not taking football seriously has been the reason for every single player who transfers decommits or gets no playing time for years.

We got a commit today! John Paul Richardson.

A player who decides to de-commit is not doing so because he doesn’t work hard. A transfer could fall into that category, but majority of the time it’s about playing time. Kids de-commit because they aren’t sold on the program or feel they are a better fit elsewhere.