OSU Moves into Top Five of AP Poll after Bedlam Victory

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The Pokes moved from No. 7 to No. 5 this week.

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Hopefully, the CFP poll will match the AP and Coaches. Of course, none of this will matter if we don’t take care of business on Saturday in Jerry World.

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The ap is already for Alabama to lose.

Just the final poll from the CFP is the one we want to be in… #3 Go Pokes!!


This seems as good a place as any for a longer, nonsensical posting of fandom.

For Father’s Day, my adult children got me, among other things, a bright orange oSu pull over collared shirt. My Saturday workdays are casual, so pullover shirts are more than acceptable. I put the new shirt away deciding not to wear it until the first game of the season.

From that first game on, I wore it repeatedly for each Saturday, leaving it tucked in and staying fully dressed even for the night games, vowing to wear it each game until we lost. Along the way, it did get what seems a small oily circle at the bottom of the buttons that won’t wash out, causing a ‘spot’ that is apparent when the light hits it right, but it was worn faithfully anyway.

The loan exception came one Saturday when we had promotional breast cancer awareness tshirts provided to wear. I did wear my tshirt that day, until close to kickoff. I then changed into my game shirt. But, I did break my routine of donning the shirt first thing in the morning and not removing it until the game clock was at zeroes. (It was the Iowa State weekend… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) (I have told the one who encouraged the tshirts to kiss my butt!!)

On Bedlam Saturday, I put on my shirt, tucked it in and went to work. I returned home for kickoff and watched the whole disturbing first half attired just as I had left for work 11 hours prior. At halftime, unhappy with our performance and execution, I ‘untucked’ my shirt… One muffed punt for a Sooner touchdown and one fumble for a safety later… I TUCKED THAT SUCKER BACK IN!!! :cowboy_hat_face: What the ever loving heck!!

Now, I do know that my shirt has nothing to do with game outcomes, but… why take the chance!!! lol Just a note on fandom of no real value to anything. Thanks for reading. lol


Superstition? Some people live by it. I wear orange all the time. Faith in the team goes a long way as well.

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