OSU Offensive Lineman Caleb Etienne Transferring to BYU

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Etienne finds a new home, and quickly.

I hope we go for another unless the other guys are ready.


Watching the Monty Show this afternoon and they’re making it out this was a game changer for BYU lol.

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They lost an all american and his younger bother to baylor. His size is big deal. I mean how many of us said the same thing. The big difference is he is now after being with glass and dickey.

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He’s serviceable, and that’s about it. Would’ve been nice to have had him as a backup

Didn’t he come in as a soph. ? He was serviceable as @NewPoke said. If Cooper stays healthy we will be better with him. Pretty sad sack that a kid won’t fight for his job instead of running off to find starting job. They all think they are NFL bound
We can give his snaps to freshmen Endean and Sanders

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Read somewhere that Etienne rated as the worst run-blocking left tackle in the country last year.

That’s saying something. An ottoman may have been more effective.


It was PFF. It was noted in the PF article about Calab entering the portal.


It’s funny to me that Gundy chewed out a reporter for asking about coaching changes but has no problem doging a player who leaves.

How’s he dogging him jug ? He told the truth. They asked why he left , he gave his opinion. Apples to oranges…… you do know the guy was the lowest graded OL in the run :cowboy_hat_face:

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Your still an odd guy. We all know gundy not going to yell a guy out

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He started 13 games last season. “We’re talking about family’s lives here.” Oh I guess it only matters if it’s a coaches. Gundy has done this crap all a long.

You are odd jug, if only I knew what the hell you’re talking about

So you are saying he didn’t start 13 games? You’re saying Gundy didn’t talk about family’s lives?

I think I know exactly what I’m talking about. Pull your head out and catch up.

Jug asking who’s getting fired and asking why a player left ( on his own ) is the same ? Yea you are strange :cowboy_hat_face:

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