OSU Offers 2022 Four-Star Quarterback Conner Weigman

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Weigman is a top 150 player in the 2022 class.

Since their not going to offer a QB in 2021,they need to Build the QB of the future a OL,& offer as many big guys as possible to

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Carson May from Oklahoma. He’s not highly recruited but man he looks like a QB he’s 6’4 220. Love to see the in state kid get a shot to stay home.

It may just be me, I’ve noticed before on Martin’s tape. It’s hard to tell this kid is 6’2". He looks like the tallest kid out there. And db’s are tiny. That can make a difference, just saying.

That we were doing that with shane?

Does it say how many fumbles he averages?

We need to see how many picks and fumbles he has a do a further evaluation.

3 picks as a sohp.

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All that is teachable, not a problem as long as we start 5-0 :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: