OSU Offers Vanderbilt Defensive Tackle Transfer Raashaan Wilkins

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-offers-vanderbilt-defensive-tackle-transfer-raashaan-wilkins/

Wilkins played under Derek Mason at Vandy.

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Thought we mite try for a rb or another lb cb.
We do have alot of guys. I hope they can step up.
But rb and lb has the least proven players.

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“Bigs” are always great to have. I guess we will see if the coaching connection plays out.

Somehow we seem to find a running back that steps up. It’s obviously up to our offensive line to open the holes.
Speaking of “Open Holes” I wonder how long it will take Joe to come here and tell us how bad Gundy is for letting the new DC offer this guy? We know it’s just a matter of time.

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How about some secondary help instead,the D-Line is fine,thin at CB

Is he at tackle? Middle of the line could use some depth.

At 310 6’3" he should be a tackle

This defensive lineman I’m not too worried about. Derek Mason actually has a pretty good track record for defensive success. Maybe he’ll be a rotational player or so. I’m more worried about seeing if we can get an offensive lineman in the portal. That’s really where the focus should be.

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Gah That’s a big big boy. I was just thinking if we primarily run with this 2-4-5 are some of these other players going to play different positions. I thought we were loaded already on the d’line.