OSU Opens as Slight Underdog vs. Baylor on the Road in Week 5

Originally published at: OSU Opens as Slight Underdog vs. Baylor on the Road in Week 5 | Pistols Firing

OSU is an underdog for the first time all season.

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This will be the test that shows what oSu is made of. If they can go there and perform well, win by a substantial amount they have a good chance of heading back to the title game. This is Sanders time to shine. I will have to listen to it.


Evenly matched teams, which will be the case week after week after week. The spread is understandable, as it would be if we were favorites. I say Pokes by 4.


Currently Baylor is ranked 26th in rushing and 85th in passing. OSU is ranked 66th in rushing and 9th in passing. On the defensive side Baylor is 9th in rush defense and 71st in pass defense. OSU is 41st in rush defense and 103rd in pass defense.

Baylor ranks 48th in TO margin while OSU ranks 88th in TO margin. Baylor ranks 32nd in 3rd down conversions while OSU ranks 66th in 3rd down conversions. Baylor is 45th on 3rd down defense while OSU ranks 5th on 3rd down defense. Baylor ranks 51st in team tackles for loss while OSU ranks 2nd in team tackles for loss.

Both teams have probably played an equal schedule so far with the exception of both BYU and ASU. Baylor has probably played a more difficult schedule so far. I think it will be a close game, but it’s in Waco and I think Baylor wins 40-37 in OT. I hope I’m wrong though.

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Ranking this early on arent the important. Because its full of stats from poor teams. Osu spent alot time with younger guys out there. With a tuffer schedule like baylor they havent had that opportunity. We gave up alot to cmu in passing because of this.

Baylor didnt get over 300 yards against byu. Not much mote against isu. But they are average 430 in total offense.

We havent played a real game yet.

Osu 30 to 21

24-10 Cowboys

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Wow so you are thinking that our D will be operating at 2021 levels or is it the Baylor offense that is sub par? @TayJ

Probably too bold of a prediction but I expect it to be a defensive battle. We will need to get to Shapen early and often to keep him from getting into a rhythm like he did in the title game last year. We’ve had 2 weeks to prepare and I think we will be ready to beat Baylor by more than a touchdown.

Neither of these teams will be able to stop each other. Our defense just isn’t as good as last season, and Shapen is going to hit our inexperienced linebackers and defensive backs with short quick passes before we can even get pressure on him. That and the fact we’re 103rd on pass defense and have played OOC opponents that have a combined record of 2-6 in D1.

OSU will attack them in the passing game because they aren’t great on pass defense. I have a hard time seeing us rush much against them since they’re a top 10 rush defense. The fact that they have a couple of injuries on the offensive side of the ball might help some as well. It’ll be close, but it’s not going to be a defensive battle.

Well, you may be right, but typically when you think its going to be a high scoring game, its the opposite, and when you think its going to be a punt fest, its a track meet.