OSU, OU ADs Say Bedlam Series Will End When OU Joins the SEC

Originally published at: OSU, OU ADs Say Bedlam Series Will End When OU Joins the SEC | Pistols Firing


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It is what it is. So be it.

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Well the is no way we are paying off teams to open dates for it. Were not playing teams like Alabama and other high profile teams and goons.

Complete b.s. comment by Castiglione. But what one should expect from the Land Thieves.


OU fans acting like this is our fault is hilarious. I like watching this game every year but fck their fans. I can’t stand them.


Good riddance. I hate that traditions and rivalries and what makes colleges sports worthwhile are being tossed aside for the almighty dollar, but the loss of Bedlam football is solely on OU. They left. They’re the ones throwing away history. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Exactly. I hope, more than usual, that we nail them to the wall this year. I would love nothing more than for them to crawl out of the Big XII on a 2 game skid to OSU and not making the conference championship 2 years running. If the football gods know justice, make it so.


Why do feel it was a bs comment by Castiglione?

“the loss of Bedlam football is solely on OU”. You do realize that OU is willing to still play the game while OSU is not? I completely understand that OU leaving has ruffled some feathers. I fail to understand why OSU brass want to leave it behind. Heres where I think OSU is completely missing the boat here: Mike Gundy is going to leave OSU at some point and it will be a big hit to the Cowboys program. You dont think OSU will need to fill the stands more than ever? Having an annual Bedlam matchup would be massive for the OSU program. Hell OSU has nothing to lose by playing Bedlam in football. Theyve obviously shown that they are competitive in that series in the last 20 years. If I was an OSU fan, id want Bedlam every year. As an OU fan…im THRILLED its over because I hate losing that game

I know castaloser is your boy. He knew we and them are scheduled up. He knew we were pissed. This from his action. So dnt come in and act like you guys took the high ground

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“He knew we and them are scheduled up”. Those games are gotten out of continually. That is not an issue.

The only reason it is ending is the complete embarrassment it has been for OSU and it hasn’t improved in the slightest bit with Gundy.

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Lol it took you for every to play Nebraska whats up with that. Texss ran away from a&m. Ku and Mizzou was longer. You really think joey wants to go thur a sec schedule and play us at the end of the year.

Texas got beat up doing the Alabama game.

Come on KetchupSicle…you know better than that. OU left for the money and that is the only reason there will be no more Bedlam. For Castiglione to imply that OSU does not want to continue but OU does is disingenuous at best. OU would face the same issue in trying to schedule Bedlam that OSU faces. OU leaves then tries to blame the loss of Bedlam on OSU. Typical Sooner behavior.


OU-Nebraska wasnt annual anyway. That was lost when the Big 12 happened. A&M…is in the SEC. Texas is in the SEC neither of them “need” it. OSU is going to need that game. If you know anything about how the Cowboys have done their ticketing, they need it too.

“OU left for the money” There are multiple factors as to why OU left for the SEC. Money is absolutely the biggest one. No argument here at all.

“Thats the only reason there will be no more Bedlam”. Thats not true at all. If that was the case…then why didnt Bedlam go away in the other sports too?

Read between the lines…connect the dots…Castiglione isnt going to stand up and say it if its not true. Weiberg didnt deny it

Lol. You really are slow. Ou Nebraska was annual. Till Nebraska got tired of uo and texas.
Same with texas. Texas isnt in the sec.

When we make the playoff a bunch of times it will pay off. Are season tickets were all time high. I know you made commet about the sits. Its not like the lose of fans that will leave at half time at uo during sec. Getting your ess beat so bad

I swear your the biggest homer when it comes to your ad. Uo does fire guys. Uo doesnt bake out of bedlam. Uo didnt do any chicken chit stuff by running to the sec.

You can if get your name rite, its tomato slice.

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"Ou Nebraska was annual. Till Nebraska got tired of uo and texas" No…the annual OU-Neb game went away when the formation of the Big 12. Starting in 1998 They then played 2 out of every 4 years. It went that way until Nebraska left in 2011.

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I dnt know what yoir talking about other sports. Uo has to stay as an affiliate in wrestling. The track sports and golf dnt do duals. Basketball i doubt will be a home and home. Baseball and softball and tennis play close teams.