OSU Picked Third in Preseason Big 12 Football Poll

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The Pokes still got a ton of respect with nine first-place votes.

Probably as good a guess as any.


Looks ok. I would flip tcu and tech.
Ksu has the most first big 12 players and picked 5th.
Personal i went bet on any team its going to be a wild ride. I wouldnt be surprised if 3 lose wins.

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Could move a few teams around but overall I’m good with it.

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Maybe it’s just the orange colored shades blurring my vision but I really don’t think the Venables Gabriel thing is going to workout in Norman. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were 9-3 or even 8-4

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Odd thought for the Venables hire. He is a former ou def coordinator. Do you recall former ou def coordinator’s that became head coaches? I think they were all limited successful, losers or fired. Gomer Jones, Gary Gibbs and Mike Stoops come to mind. Others? Venables is next.

Iowa St first place vote?!?! Someone needs to lose the voting credentials.

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